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Leaked iPhone 16 Pro Specs, MacBook Pro Future, Microsoft Challenges Apple

Apple News Recap: iPhone 16 Pro Leaks, iOS 17.4 Features, and More

This week brought a flurry of updates and revelations from Apple, ranging from leaked details about the iPhone 16 Pro to exciting developments in iOS 17.4. Here’s a recap of the top stories making waves in the world of Cupertino.

  1. iPhone 16 Pro Leaks: Speculation is rife following leaked details of the iPhone 16 Pro, hinting at groundbreaking features and advancements. From enhanced AI capabilities to sleek design upgrades, anticipation is high for Apple’s next flagship device.
  2. iOS 17.4 Introduces New Features: Apple continues to innovate with the release of iOS 17.4, which brings a slew of new features and improvements. From enhanced security measures to user experience enhancements, this update promises to elevate the iOS ecosystem.
  3. Meta and Microsoft Challenge Apple’s App Store Changes: Tech titans Meta and Microsoft are gearing up to challenge recent changes to Apple’s App Store policies. The dispute centers around app distribution and commission fees, with potential ramifications for the broader tech industry.
  4. Apple’s Enhanced Battery Technology: Apple announces advancements in battery technology, promising longer battery life and improved performance across its device lineup. This development underscores Apple’s commitment to delivering top-notch user experiences.
  5. OLED MacBook Plans: Rumors swirl about Apple’s plans to integrate OLED displays into its MacBook lineup. With vibrant colors and superior image quality, these displays are poised to revolutionize the laptop market.
  6. New AirPods Features: The latest iteration of AirPods is set to impress with a range of new features. From enhanced audio quality to seamless connectivity, Apple’s wireless earbuds continue to set the standard for audio accessories.
  7. iPhone Dominates Top Ten Phone List: Once again, the iPhone asserts its dominance as it secures top spots in the coveted phone rankings. With its cutting-edge technology and unparalleled performance, Apple’s flagship device remains a consumer favorite.

The Exciting iOS 17.4 Updates

The release of iOS 17.4 is expected before March 6th—remember, it needs to be in place to satisfy the European Union’s DMA ruling—and there’s a lot to get excited over. Forbes’ David Phelan looks through the beta versions to pick out some highlights:

“There’s a refinement coming for the brilliant Stolen Device Protection, for a start. Then there are new emoji (hurrah), including a phoenix and a couple of Smileys that shake their heads yes or no. Oh, and a mouth-watering-in-its-freshness slice of lime.”

Microsoft And Meta Lobby Europe Over App Store Changes

Apple believes its changes to the App Store and third-party access to iPhone owners satisfy the European regulators. Developers and competitors took little time to go through the financial impact of Apple’s demands and called out Apple as not doing enough:

“The initial steps [to comply with the DMA] that Apple has put forward are very prohibitive to us actually creating a meaningful alternative to the one store that’s available on the world’s largest gaming platforms, which are mobile phones,” Phil Spencer, Microsoft’s gaming chief, told the Financial Times. “So we will continue to work with regulators to open that up.”

“Meta chief executive Mark Zuckerberg has also dismissed Apple’s proposal as “onerous” and “at odds” with the intent of the EU regulation, saying he would be surprised “if any developer chose to go into the alternative app stores”.

Apple Offers New iPhone Battery Numbers

Alongside the impact of iOS 17.4 on software, Apple has been retesting the current iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro handsets and the older hardware to see the effect of the new code on battery life. The published reports are exciting:

“As for the other iPhones? Apple says those handsets continue to meet the previous bar of retaining 80% battery capacity after 500 cycles, but this is being investigated—which I take to mean there’s a lot of battery testing going on in Cupertino just now.”

When Will Your MacBook Go OLED

It might be a common fixture on Windows laptops, but Apple has been reluctant to add OLED options to the macOS laptops. The supply chain is showing more signs this week that Apple is gearing up to switch, but it’s not going to happen quickly:

“The current M3 generation of MacBook Pro models are using mini-LED technology, and that’s unlikely to change this year. We’ve yet to see the M3 MacBook Air—a launch is expected in mid-March—but it’s unlikely that the cheaper consumer-focused laptop will debut the OLED. Realistically, we’re not going to see an OLED-equipped MacBook until 2025, and Samsung’s impact on the supply chain will not be felt until 2027.”

New AirPods, New Features

Apple is preparing to significantly refresh the AirPods range, bringing key features down from the Pro range to the vanilla vanilla true wireless earbuds. It will make the new AirPods an attractive choice, but will it cannibalize the more expensive audio accessories?

“The two models will be differentiated by price, of course, but also by features. For the first time, Apple’s AirPods (as opposed to Pro or Max models) will include noise-cancelling, in the higher-priced model. This is a very big change and makes you wonder if people will choose these over AirPods Pro. There will also be a charging case which, along with USB-C, will have a speaker so it can make a sound when using Find My, again like the AirPods Pro case now.”

And Finally…

The list of Top Ten smartphones for 2023 will make for pleasant reading in Cupertino, with the iPhone claiming spots one through seven, comfortably ahead of Samsung and its other Android competitors:

“Apple, for the first time, captured the top seven positions in the global list of best-selling smartphones in 2023, according to Counterpoint Research’s Global Monthly Handset Model Sales Tracker. Samsung secured the remaining three places in the list, marking an increase of one spot from the 2022 list. There have been no other brands on the list since 2021.”



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